The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue records his music while wearing boxer shorts.

The singer-songwriter – who is playing at this year’s V Festival – has confessed he always gets so hot in his recording studio he is forced to strip down to his underwear.

He explained: “I’ve never done any recording naked! It’s always in boxer shorts because it gets so hot in the studio. I’m not superstitious, but once I’d recorded that way a couple of times I wanted to do it all the time.”

However, Danny is adamant the ‘If You Ever Come Back’ hitmakers have no plans to take to the stage naked.

The musician – who is joined in the group by Mark Sheehan and Glen Power – told LOOK magazine: “Are you f***ing kidding me? People would be paying us not to put the show on!”

While the Irish rocker gets plenty of female attention now he is famous, he finds it “hilarious” because no one ever used to want to speak to him when he was a struggling musician.

He added: “It’s hilarious when a gorgeous girl wants my number. I think, ‘Four years ago when I was broke you wouldn’t have approached me.’ “