Slash has announced he will release ‘Apocalyptic Love’, in May.
The record will be under the name Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the co-conspirators – after his vocalist and backing band – and will come out in in Europe on May 21 and in the US on May 22.
The group will then head out on a tour of the US, then over to Europe for a string of festival appearances.
The ‘By the Sword’ hitmaker also tweeted a link to the cover of the album, which shows one of his signature Les Paul guitars encircled by a snake with a female demon in a bikini on one side, and a naked angel on the other.
Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash yesterday (15.02.12) explained why he didn’t want the record to be listed as as solo album.
He told Rolling Stone magazine: ”I’m a band guy. Everything I touch I turn into a f***ing band. I still have my name on the marquee and everything, but I’m just not a dictator, I don’t want to rule anything.
”I like working in a band atmosphere, I think something about that camaraderie. I do not want to do it all by myself. ”I’m very much a loner in most respects, but when it comes to working with music, whether I’m leading it or not, the last record was very collaborative .”
Slash has previously announced three titles of tracks on the album, ‘Halo’, ‘Standing In The Sun’ and ‘Bad Rain’.