Radiohead are rehearsing “four or five new songs” to play live next year.

The ‘Lotus Flower’ group are touring next year, playing America in February and March, and guitarist Ed O’Brien said they will be road testing new material when they play.

He told radio station XFM: “We’re trying to keep it creative. We’ve got new songs, we’ve been rehearsing about four or five new songs this week so we’re going to try and take those on the road. It feels really good.”

Ed also said the band have plans to tour further, and will be playing in Europe, although they will be performing at indoor venues, as they feel they have a better sound than outdoor festivals to showcase their ‘The King of Limbs’ album, released in February. Radiohead will also play in the UK in autumn.

Ed added: “We are definitely playing the UK next year. It’s just a matter of staggering how they sell the tickets, it’s nonsense really. It will be the autumn of next year.”