Olly Murs taught boyband The Kixx how to flirt with their audience.

The British pop band took on board ‘You Know Me’ singer Olly’s advice on stage presence ahead of their upcoming tour, and meeting the ‘X-Factor’ 2009 runner-up was “really cool”.

David Gibbs, who stars in the band with Jack Guppy, Dave May and Robbie McDade, told BANG Showbiz: “Olly has been really cool – we’ve met him quite a lot and chatted with him. He’s given us some advice about stage presence.

“He’ll literally flirt with the whole room – it’s ridiculous! So we’re going to take it on board – stand and hip-thrust everywhere, or maybe incorporate it into a walk!”

The quartet haven’t, however, been given new wardrobes since they became famous and sometimes end up performing on stage in the clothes they’ve slept in the night before.

Robbie told BANG Showbiz: “We wore these clothes before we went on stage; we’ve had them on all day.

“We’re not the kind of band to have a wardrobe. We’re just us – we dress like us, just turn up like this, maybe even sleep in these clothes!”

He also revealed that the band’s laid-back style doesn’t stop at clothing – and in true festival style, unwashed hair is a winner with the band.

David added: “My hair often just gets left – I don’t wash it much. If I wash it then try to style it, it just falls down. No-one’s going to sniff your hair!”