Noel Gallagher will play “seven or eight” Oasis songs at his solo gigs.

The ‘AKA… What A Life!’ singer is currently rehearsing for his debut concerts with his High Flying Birds project and as well as performing his forthcoming album almost in its entirety, he realised the shows would be short so will include more of his formed group than originally intended.

He said: “It was f***ing very short. [The number of Oasis songs] has gone from four, to six. In fact, it could actually be seven or eight now.”

Noel will also play B-side ‘The Good Rebel’ and a new track at the shows.

Two tracks on Noel’s album, ‘Everybody’s On The Run’ and ‘If I Had A Gun’, were written during Oasis’ South American tour three years ago – after he had stopped travelling with the rest of band as his relationships with his brother, frontman Liam, had got “so f***ing bad” – and the 44-year-old rocker says he only started penning more songs out of boredom.

He told NME magazine: “That’s when it was at its f***ing lowest ebb. That was it. It was my decision. Mine and Liam’s relationship, it got so f***ing bad, it was like, ‘I’m gonna do everybody a favour here, I’m going to travel alone because it’s a bad atmosphere.’

“I’m alright being on my own. So at that point I was writing, not for any specific reason, just because I had a lot of time to kill.”