Noel Gallagher will take up gardening when he retires.
The ‘Dream On’ rocker still ”loves” making new music but admits as soon as he stops finding his career fun, he will give it up in favour of more leisurely pursuits.
He said: ”As long as I enjoy it I’ll do it, and when I stop enjoying it I’ll go and do some gardening or something, but I genuinely enjoy the process of writing songs and doing all this, I love all this.
”You know, it’s like I was on the dole for seven years, the novelty of this still hasn’t worn off for me, you know, it’s great, it’s a great gig.”
The former Oasis guitarist launched his solo career last year and he never expected his Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds project to be as well-received as it has been.
Speaking at last night’s (29.02.12) NME Awards – where he picked up the Godlike Genius accolade – he told Absolute Radio: ”It literally couldn’t have got any better, I am… I don’t like to use the word ‘amazed’ because everybody uses it, but it’s been an incredible six or seven months.
”I never thought I’d sell as many records and I never thought I’d get all these awards or play at the Brits and all that, but yeah, what can I say?”