Nicola Roberts “would love” to take her solo career to America.

The ‘Beat of my Drum’ singer and Girls Aloud star has enjoyed a little success stateside and thinks she could follow in the footsteps of her fellow band member Nadine Coyle and launch her career in Americas too.

She told “If the opportunity came up I would love to go to the US. I think everybody has the thing that they do and I am really passionate about my songwriting and singing. When you’re passionate about something you want to do it as best as possible, so whenever I have time off I’m back in the studio trying to become better as a writer. I just want to move forward and keep pushing the boundaries and so to be able to take it different places would be great.”

Nicola’s solo material hasn’t sold as was as Girls Aloud, but this doesn’t bother her as her songs are “totally different” from the pop material she rose to fame singing.

She added: “I’m not frustrated because I was aware I was doing a different thing and ‘Beat Of My Drum’ was totally different from anything that was out there. I took a risk and I don’t think it would have been good for me to have just done what everyone else is doing. So I kind of accept that.”