Nicola Roberts makes “the craziest” sounds on her solo album.

The Girls Aloud beauty teamed up with a number of her favourite producers – including Diplo and Metronomy’s Joseph Mount – for debut album ‘Cinderella’s Eyes’, which has a “more electro” record to her previous work.

She said: “I wanted the album to be electro and I wanted it to be pop. A bit more electro than pop.

“There’s no rules to electro music. You could be listening to [lots of different genres of dance music] and that would have things you never knew could be put together, like the craziest of sounds. That’s why I went to Diplo.”

Nicola sent her original idea for debut solo single ‘Beat Of My Drum’ to Diplo and was like a “crazed fan” when he contacted her to talk about it – and delighted that he understood exactly what she wanted him to do.

She told The Metro newspaper: “I was like, ‘Oh my God’, like a crazed fan. I was trying to explain the sounds, making these crazy sounds like ‘gwyuk gwyuk’.

“It was nine am in Los Angeles and he had literally not gone to bed. But when the track came back, he’d totally got what I was talking about.”