Nick Mason would love a Pink Floyd reunion.

After he and the surviving band members – Roger Waters and David Gilmour – previously reunited in May to join Roger at his solo concert in London and for the Live 8 charity concert in 2005, drummer Nick admitted he would jump at the chance to reunite for “the right reasons”.

He told The Sun newspaper: “I think that, for the right reasons and not our bank accounts, we would all be able to respond.

“If we could build on Live8 and do something that could actually kick off a foundation, Pink Floyd may have an active future.

Nick revealed he is thrilled the fans are still interested in the band 40 years later as he never thought it would last longer than a year when they first formed in 1965.

He said: “I find the interest enormously flattering. When I started in this band, I imagined it would be for about a year and I assumed I’d be back at college. It was my gap year. More than 40 years later I’m still waiting to go back.”