Marilyn Manson and Skylar Grey bonded over “offensive” movies.

The shock rocker is the only collaborator in the singer’s debut album ‘Invinsible’ and Skylar – who wrote ‘Love the Way You Lie’ for Eminem – is a long time admirer of the ‘Dope Show’ hitmaker.

She said: “I’ve always admired him and what he stands for in this world. I never had a reason to reach out to him before, nor did I feel worthy. But then when I had some success under my belt I decided, OK, now I can reach out to him and he won’t just totally ignore me because I do have some things going for me now. Let’s see what happens.

“The first thing he did when I got to his house was he played me the most offensive movies I’ve ever seen. That was an icebreaker, playing offensive movies, I guess.”

Skylar – whose real name is Holly Brook – also credits Manson for coming up with the title of her album.

She explained to Beatweek magazine: “I used to be invisible as Holly Brook, and now as Skylar Grey I feel invincible. Skylar Grey’s a superhero version of me. That was actually Marilyn Manson’s idea to call my album ‘Invinsible’.”