LostAlone felt like recording their second album was the first time their grand ideas hadn’t been ”laughed at”.
The ‘Love Will Eat You Alive’ group recorded ‘I’m a UFO in this City’ in Los Angeles and singer and guitarist Steven Batelle feels it was the first time his more adventurous concepts were taken seriously.
He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”The producers gave me that freedom and the tools to put like 40 vocal tracks down on one song. And they were like ‘Let’s do that, but triple it!’ it’s the first time I’ve felt like I wasn’t being laughed at for wanting to do these things.
”I think when you want to do things that are theatrical and grand, some people think you’re not serious, or it’s a bit silly, when for me there’s emotion in that and that’s what I love.”’
The band – completed by drummer Mark Gibson and bassist Alan Williamson – worked on the album with producers Jacknife Lee and Greg Wells, and it was executive produced by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, but even though it was recorded in 2010, label problems have prevented it from being released before now, and Steven says it was an incredibly frustrating time.
He added: ”We’ve had this album ready since 2010, so we went through the whole of 2011 hating it, because we were so frustrated, we’d made this thing that we were so proud of, and we were the only people who could hear it. But as soon as the first single, ‘Do You Get What You Pray For?’, came out we were so overwhelmed by the reception.
”To get twitter comments, Facebook messages and everything with people saying things about how much they love the record, that’s great.”