Liam Gallagher is planning a film about Oasis’ career.

The band’s ex-singer said he’d like to put together a picture about his their rock ‘n’ roll exploits, but would start it with the breakup of the band – caused by a huge fall out between him and his guitarist brother Noel ahead of a show in Paris in 2009.

He said: “Sometimes, when we’ve had a few drinks, we sit about telling stories and talk about putting them in an Oasis film. I’d be up for that.

“But I’d start it with Paris. I wouldn’t want it to end on such a bummer. I’d start at the end and work my way backwards.

“It’d be a long film but it’d be a film worth watching, believe me. It’d be a funny film and all.”

Before starting on an Oasis film, Liam – who now fronts Beady Eye – is making his first foray into the movie world with his 1 Productions company, making ‘The Longest Cocktail Party’, about The Beatles’ late publicist Derek Taylor.

Explaining his reason for choosing the film, Liam told the Independent newspaper: “He’s an unsung hero, and I want to give him a chance to shine.”

The film is thought to be loosely based on the book ‘The Longest Cocktail Party: An Insider’s Diary of the Beatles, Their Million-dollar Apple Empire and Its Wild Rise and Fall’ by Richard DiLello, who worked for The Beatles’ Apple Corps, and is currently in development with a filming date tentatively set for 2012.