Ladyhawke was delighted to include ”heavy, grungey guitar pedals” on her new album.
The ‘Black, White and Blue’ singer has changed from the electronic sound of her first album for her new record, ‘Anxiety’, and admits she has always been a rocker at heart.
She told The Scotsman newspaper: ”Because of the first album people assume 80s pop must be my favourite music but it’s always been rock’n’roll, quite heavy stuff.
”With this record I wanted to experiment with the kind of grungey guitar pedals I dreamed about owning when I was a teenager but have only now been able to afford.”
The singer and guitar player – real name Pip Brown – is a sufferer of Asperger syndrome, a disorder characterised by repetitive behaviour, and says she has to follow a very strict pattern when she is on tour, and suffers from terrible stage fright.
She added: ”At breakfast, if an egg’s too runny it can ruin the whole day. When we’re driving to the next show I have to sit alongside my tour manager because he’s the one who can keep me calm.
”There are lots of these rituals. My life is bloody complicated but, you know, it’s my life.”
‘Anxiety’ is released on March 19.