Kimberley Walsh doesn’t believe music chart positions are important.

The Girls Aloud singer has backed her band-mate Nadine Coyle’s debut solo album ‘Insatiable’, claiming it has some “great songs” and said people should “give her a break” about her recent single, the LP’s title track, debuting at number 26 in the UK charts.

She said: “The slating Nadine’s got in the press for her single sales was mean. Nadine is just happy to release the music she loves and I think people need to give her a break.

“Chart positions are not always the most important thing. I bought the album and there are some really good songs on there that could be big hits.”

Despite previously confessing she had not been in touch with Nadine – who now lives in Los Angeles – since Girls Aloud went on hiatus, Kimberley wishes her the best with her solo work.

She added: “We want her to do well and we’re supporting her all the way. She’s not the type to dwell on things and I think she’s just happy that her music is out there.”