Katy B says her backing band are “like the mafia”.

The 22-year-old upcoming dubstep singer admits her band can be a little protective of her at live performances, especially when she gets advances from boys.

She said: “When I was playing clubs it would be all sweaty boys on ecstasy at the font calling my name. So I’d be like, ‘OK, I’ve gotta go now, find my mates,’ but my band are all like my bl***y brothers, they’re like the mafia around me, so I’m alright.”

‘Lights On’ hitmaker Katy also acknowledges being sexy is part of her image since she has “scrubbed up,” but doesn’t want people to only listen to her just because of the way she looks.

She added to Q magazine: “I’ve scrubbed up a bit, I used to go on stage in an old jumper, but I don’t want someone to like my music because they feel attracted to me. Or, like I’m hot or something, that’s not what I’m about at all. I don’t care.”

Katy’s debut album ‘On a Mission’ is out now.