Drake wishes Justin Bieber had kept the swearing in his remix of the rapper’s track ‘Trust Issues’.

The ‘Over’ hitmaker had expected the 17-year-old singer’s take on the song to be the “transformation” of the star, and was surprised when he heard the cleaned-up edit.

Drake said: “I wish he would’ve left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would’ve been so [gangsta], if he would’ve done all the swearing.

“I was excited when I heard he remixed it, because there was like a gang of swearing in that song. I was like, ‘Oh, we’re about to hear the transformation of Bieber.’ ”

Among the changes Justin made to the track were amending the line “f**k it, I’m on one” to “You know I’m on one” and altering a lyric referring to bitches and drinking.

In the original, Drake sings “You know what I’m sippin’/ I teach you how to mix it/ But you’re the only one, ’cause I don’t trust these bitches.”

The remix instead features the line “You just need to listen/ Teach you how to fix it/ ‘Cause you’re the only one, because I don’t trust these women.”

Despite the changes, Drake thinks it is “incredible” that the ‘Never Say Never’ hitmaker tackled the song.

He added to MTV News: “He’s like a talented kid … from Canada, so to hear him even remix that song is crazy. That’s incredible.”