Jessie J recorded her single ‘Domino’ with a broken foot.

The ‘Price Tag’ singer hurt herself during rehearsals in London this June, but before it was diagnosed – forcing her to pull out of a number of festivals over the summer- she managed to complete one of her best tracks.

She told BBC Radio 2: “I fell over on quite a high platform in very high shoes and snapped my ankle in three places. I flew to the US the day after I did it, because I was told I hadn’t broken it, where I wrote ‘Domino’ which is my next single, so everything happens for a reason.

“I was in so much pain in the studio and my foot was just bright green and swollen, and it wouldn’t go down, so I flew home and I was like ‘I’m going to see the doctor’.”

Jessie was upset to have to let her fans down, but managed to give performances at both the Glastonbury and V Festivals by singing from a huge throne onstage.

While the injury was a huge setback for Jessie, she was determined to keep things in perspective and continue her career as normally as possible.

She added: “It’s funny because my mum said to me, ‘you’re too nice,’ because the first thing I said was ‘I can’t let my fans down.’

“But there’s people who have it so much worse, so I just get on with it.”

Jessie is currently recovering from her injury and is set to resume performing again soon.