Glasvegas hope their songs will encourage fans to have a “romance with a stranger”.

James Allan – the lead singer of the Scottish indie rockers – explained for a year of the group’s last performance run he was the “tour s**g” and used to indulge in plenty of liaisons with people he didn’t know.

He told FHM magazine: “Hopefully fans can get a little bit lost in our music. Lose their inhibitions, get a little bit inebriated, have some romance with a stranger.

“I’ve been involved in some myself. For about a year I was the tour s**g. If you wanted to park your bike or anything. I was your man.”

Despite enjoying touring, the 31-year-old rocker admitted there are times he wants to “escape it all” and just be on his own.

James added: “I get freaked out sometimes and want to be on my own or whatever. It’s never to do with the band or the music. Sometimes I just want to escape it all, but then I get on stage and everything is okay.

“No matter how bad my day is I just ride it out until the show comes because in that hour and a half that you’re playing rock ‘n’ roll you really do drift off somewhere else and it’s a good place to go to.”