Florence + the Machine’s live performances are “violent and frightening and overwhelming.”

Singer Florence Welch, who fronts the musical project, feels like she has been transported to another world when she’s touring, where she neglects the “typical boundaries” of everyday life.

She told USA Today newspaper: “I can’t wait to get on stage, because there you don’t worry about whether you’ll ever get married because your life is insane, or whether you’ll ever have another boyfriend again, you don’t worry about the typical boundaries of how your life has to be.

“On stage, it’s violent and frightening and overwhelming, and you’re disappearing yet completely present. It’s the hallelujah moment. You know what you’ve been living for.”

Florence also admits she is a perfectionist when it comes to recording, and sometimes has “to be taken aside and given a chat” in order to complete tracks, because she puts so much focus into them having as much impact as possible.

She added: “It all comes down to the drums. That layering process is huge for me, the swells of music, the overwhelming feelings they create.

“When something really hits me, it makes me want to either jump off something really high or lie down and be buried. I want people to get hit and caught by my music.”

Florence + the Machine’s second album, ‘Ceremonials’ is released today (31.10.11).