David Beckham wants the Spice Girls to reform for the London Olympics.
The 36-year-old soccer star – who is an official ambassador for the 2012 Games – would ”love” wife Victoria to perform with bandmates Mel B, Mel C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton to open the games this summer.
He said: ”She’s a busy girl. The Olympics mean a lot to me so I’d love her to be there. But I’m not sure I can exactly demand her to do it. I’ll try. We’ll have to see.”
However, David could be in for a disappointment as Mel B recently hinted the band would shun the chance to perform at the Olympics in favour of being part of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
Asked if they would reform for the sporting event, she said: ”Ooh, I think the Queen’s Jubilee concert is the event I’d be looking at more closely for that to happen.
”I am going to be in such strife for saying that. It’s all so totally top-secret still.”
While Mel B appears keen, Mel C recently insisted she has no desire to perform with the quintet again.
When asked about the Spice Girls, Mel said: ”I don’t need that. Sure, it was great being on stage again with Victoria, Emma, Mel and Geri in 2007. But at the moment we don’t have any further plans. I’d rather focus on my solo career. Then I don’t need to compromise.”