Dappy couldn’t have written a song like ‘No Regrets’ for N-Dubz.

The rapper is the first of the hip-hop group – which also includes Fazer and Tulisa – to release a solo track, which he describes as a big departure for him musically and lyrically, and allows him to “breathe” as an artist.

He told Femalefirst.co.uk: “I couldn’t exactly write that song for N-Dubz, cos it didn’t go with the b***dy image. Now I’m with myself I can breathe, I can show people that yes I am one of the best [artists] in our country. I definitely believe that.”

The 24-year-old rapper’s solo material is also more reflective than his previous songs, which he admits is partly due to him growing older and becoming a father for the second time, to Milo, last December.

He added: “I’m actually seeing the meaning of true life. What there is, other than being a neurotic young man.”

Despite showing his softer side on his solo tracks, Dappy is keen to assert his confidence and that he is as strong as ever.

He added: “You have to come extra-hard, extra-powerful. No-one can’t say to me that I didn’t do a good job. You’ve gotta know and be confident in your product.

“The motive is never give up on something. You can’t go a day without thinking about power to the people, barrier-breaking music.”