Coldplay are on “great form” as they ready themselves for festival season.

The group have spent recent months in the studio working on their new album, but are now preparing for a string of outdoor shows in Europe this summer – including the world-famous Glastonbury festival in June – and are looking forward to making “a massive noise” again.

Their roadie wrote on the band’s blog: “The fellas themselves are on great form. Perhaps it’s the weather, perhaps it’s the idea of escaping from the studio and going outdoors to make a massive noise again, who knows? I’ve just come up the stairs past the ‘art room’.

“This often acts as a meeting room and a place to listen back to work in progress. The door was firmly closed. I always assume there are serious discussions and furrowed brows when the door is closed, but as I pass, I hear Jonny make a comment and Phil explode in genuine and joyous laughter. Sounds like the vibe is very up.”

Preparation for the shows takes a “procession of changes”, with the band’s blogger admitting lots of experiments will be “trashed” along the way.

The post added: “The process of getting a tour together, much like any creative endeavour, is something that starts with a blank sheet of paper (or in the festivals’ case, an empty field). The change from the empty field to the huge event doesn’t happen in one big lightswitch-like flick. It happens over the course of an incredible number of planning meetings, decisions, experiments, triumphs and trashings.

“The entire journey is a procession of changes – some tiny, some huge, but all whizzing past you and altering the landscape at an alarming rate. When you first experience this, it can feel very uncomfortable. There is almost nothing solid to build from, because nothing stays the same for very long.”