Bjork says ‘Biophilia’ contains her “most emotional” lyrics.

The ‘Virus’ singer has been more open than earlier in her career with the lyrics for her latest record, although that doesn’t mean they will necessarily mean they will be easy to follow, as she has learned to “hide better”.

She said: “I feel the lyrics on this album are some of my most emotional, but I think maybe because I’ve been so long in the limelight I’ve learned to hide better, or it’s more woven into other things because I want to keep my love life private.

The 45-year-old singer also said one of the reasons she continues to make albums is because it goes against the grain and she believes she can see the “whole picture”.

She added: “I could very easily have gone to an island somewhere and written very introverted music for 40 years. I think that would have been the wrong thing to do because society wants women over 35 to go somewhere in the closet and shut the door, but they have evolved.

“It’s always dangerous to generalise but I think women see more of the whole picture, so for them to cross the 40 year mark, they have to take in the whole picture.”