Alex Turner thinks the Arctic Monkeys are “more confident as a band” with their fourth album.

The ‘Brick by Brick’ group release their latest record, ‘Suck it and See’ next week, and the frontman believes their latest material is so good, they can now work on improving their stage show, rather than their songs.

He said: “We’re more confident as a band at the moment. We can relax a bit more and put more effort into our high kicks now. Maybe it’ll be time to get some pyrotechnics out soon.”

The band recently played shows in the US and Alex said the reception to their tracks has been extra positive.

He said: “We always had a feeling these songs would go across well live from the start. I think it’s fair to say the new songs are a lot more direct. There’s definitely not been a mass exodus to the bar when we play them or anything.”