AC/DC don’t rehearse.

The legendary rockers never did any preparations for early shows, and former bassist Mark Evans – who was with the group from 1975 to 1977 – admits they never changed their attitude as their success grew.

He said: “There were no rehearsals! My very first gig with them was totally spontaneous. This was after the audition. I went to see them at a local pub, saw them play one set, and then I went on stage with them and played the second set.

“For our first tour of England, they band rented a rehearsal space, but I think we mainly played some Elvis Presley songs.

“Real rehearsals – you know, running through the tunes and making sure everything was right – that stuff didn’t happen.”

Mark also revealed studio sessions were equally spontaneous, with songs recorded as they were written.

He explained to website MusicRadar: “Songs would be written in the studio. No demos. Angus [Young] and Malcolm [Young] would play things for George Young, and the tunes would be assembled right there. Once we had the skeleton of a song, we’d record it.

“Angus was full-on in the studio. When it was time for him to record his solos, he’d jump around and bounce off the walls, just like he would on stage. It was impossible for him to play and sit still. For rhythm tracks, he was somewhat subdued, but for solos, he went wild.”