“I get bored too easily—I need to fill my life with things so that I stay out of trouble,” says Los Angeles-based multi-hyphenate Jessie Andrews. Her laugh is warm and genuine, aligning perfectly with her unabashed honesty. When she was 19, she packed up her Miami apartment, moved to L.A. and, within a year, became an award winning adult-film star. Not long after, she left the industry and broke into the mainstream, becoming a model and, later, touring the world as a popular DJ and producer. By the time she was 21, she was designing jewellery and soon launched her own line, Bagatiba (a favourite of celebs like Kaia Gerber, the Hadids, the Kardashians and the Jenners), which eventually led to two fashion brands (athleisure- and swimwear-focused Basic Swim and ready-to-wear line Jeu Illimité), an SPF-highlighter hybrid called Petiue and a trendy L.A. gallery/retail space called Tase. As if she weren’t already busy enough, 30-year-old Andrews is now setting her sights on Hollywood. Earlier this year, she appeared in a standout episode of Euphoria (as the scene-stealing half of a couple that Zendaya’s Rue robs while hitting rock bottom), and that’s just the start. “I’m interested in so many things,” says Andrews. “And if something challenges me—especially if I’m not necessarily good at it right away—I really like to invest time in it.”


“My Euphoria episode was so fun to be a part of. I feel like I got to be the lighthearted moment. People have told me that [my scene] felt like a relief, so it was really nice to play that airy part. And working with Zendaya and [creator] Sam Levinson was amazing. They get along so well, and she really understands her character.”


“I feel really confident about every career choice I’ve made. Because I’m self-employed, I’m so used to making my own work, but [with acting], it’s more competitive and you have to bank more on casting directors, producers and your own skills. It’s not just about being a pretty face. I feel like if I can work really hard and figure out exactly what I want my acting career to look like, I’ll be able to push for it.”


“I’m still dealing with the stigma [around the fact] that I worked in the porn industry. It’s not as taboo as it was 10 years ago, and it’s not something I struggled with mentally. I just knew it would be an issue with anything else I wanted to do, and I knew I’d have to overcome it early on. I don’t regret it; it built so much of my character.”


“I look back on my [teen self] now and go, ‘How did I not have more ambition?’ Now, I’m really doing what I want to do, but back then, I had no desire to have any kind of career. I’m proud of how far I’ve come since then. Today, there’s so much more opportunity outside of ‘normal’ career paths, and I didn’t have that when I was in school. It always felt like you had to be a lawyer or a doctor.”


“My style has been the same for a really long time—I know what I like. I never fully go along with a trend, but I like to mix in trendy pieces. I like a lot of casual, laid-back pieces; the ’90s supermodel vibe is something I’ve always appreciated. I love French fashion. My wardrobe is pretty simple—I’m not big on prints or logos. I enjoy clothes that are minimal but still [structured], like [those at] The Row, COS and Proenza.”


“I’m [preparing] for a movie [in which I play] a femme fatale character, and the director wanted me to watch some classics. I came across Basic Instinct and watched it for the first time, and I was really drawn to it. I couldn’t believe I’d never seen it because it’s so visually intriguing and Sharon Stone is just so good. It really stuck with me.”

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