Bush Awards Presidential Medal of FreedomMs. Lee, who’s been holding out on us since the 50’s! (Getty)

Boo! (Radley) To Kill A Mockingbird, that most beloved of novels (you know the one you actually ended up enjoying when you read it in Grade 9 English?) is finally getting a follow-up! And it was only 50 years in the making… Harper Lee, the famously reclusive author from small town America, has confirmed that there will be a sequel, coming out this summer. The 88 year-old’s second novel is called Go Set a Watchman, and it apparently follows an adult Scout as she returns to the tiny town of Maycomb after years as…a New Yorker. Lee apparently has had the book written since the 1950’s but you know, wanted to see how well that first one did before she put it out there. What you really need to know, however, is that it’s being published on July 14, and yes, Atticus Finch is still alive.
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