The Weinstein Company and Elevation Pictures' "The Imitation Game" TIFF Premiere Party Hosted by GREY GOOSE vodka and Soho House Toronto

So. Damn. Pretty. Image courtesy of Getty Images for Grey Goose Vodka.

So Keira Knightley has been showing up all over town looking flawless this TIFF. (She’s an A-lister, but can we make her an honorary A+ lister after this weekend?) She was
in Chanel at the Variety Photo Suite at Holt Renfrew and Alexander McQueen when I sat down with her for a chat about
The Imitation Game on Sunday. (I would have taken a cell phone snap to prove it to you, but I think the sheer awesomeness of the dress might have broken my phone.) Last night, though, she rocked what might be our favourite look yet at the Soho House post-premiere party (hosted by Hollywood playa Harvey Weinstein and Grey Goose, natch). How is she going to keep topping herself? I actually can’t wait to find out. Can we get a slow clap for her stylist, please?
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