Real Jersey boys Bon Jovi rocked a full house at Rogers Centre last night

By: Ava Baccari, Photography by Ava Baccari

Halfway through last night’s Bon Jovi concert, frontman pretty boy Jon Bon himself placed his hand over his heart and looked out into the audience- a generational montage of females with 80s-inspired hairstyles (real or not, I’ll never know) and with his trademark megawatt smile, said he was “taking it all in.” What exactly? The 48-year old rocker with big blue eyes and even bigger hair confessed that in the 26 years he’s rocked sold-out shows in the T. dot he’s always wanted to play the biggest venue in the city- the Rogers Centre. (“A long way from the El Mocambo,” he declares, the dive-y Spadina bar where the band played in their early days.)