Dear Jann: I just graduated from uniersity with an unemployable liberal arts degree. To pay of my $30,000 student loan, I may have an opportunity to pose for Playboy. My friends and family tell me I’m crazy. I have no problems with nudity, but I do worry that I’ll be labelled as “the girl who showed her …” What do you think I should do? NAKED TRUTH

Dear Naked Truth: I don’t have one single problem with you or anybody posing for Playboy. It’s one of the better mags for that type of thing. I would be bothered if I opened up Hustler and saw that you were “beaver of the month” and had been paid a whopping $400! I would rather have you labelled the “girl who wiped out all of her debts in a sngle afternoon” than as somebody who never took risks and only did things approved by other folks — that’s no way to live an interesting, extraordinary life. Go and show the world your cans and damn them all if they think it’s wrong. It’s only what you think that matters.

Dear Jann: I’m stuck. I’m 28 and still wrestling with the question of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’m not a kid anymore and I feel that leaving this question unanswered for much longer will spell social doom — not to mention future financial troubles. Did you always know what you wanted to do? How might I discover my true calling? LOST CASE

Dear Lost Case: There’s no need to worry about what you’re going to be, silly. Life is a series of seemingly insignificant events that are all tied together with a shoelace. Your life is unfolding; you can will it to be whatever you want. Every morning, create the day you want in your head and watch how it can flourish with your positive, constructive thinking. You’re not stuck; you’re just learning how to be! Don’t be hard on yourself.

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