I’m Reading: P.D. James’ ‘Cover Her Face’

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If one more person told me that (as a mystery-loving, read-all-the-Agatha-Christies cool kid) I needed to read P.D. James, I was going to commit homicide myself. So in order to avoid lengthy jail time (and you know, the death of a very well-meaning book recommending friend), I decided I needed to delve into the famous author’s oeuvre.
I began at the beginning, with James’ first novel, written by the now Baroness in 1962. "Cover Her Face" is very much a British murder mystery – country house, village of eccentrics etc – and revolves around the death of a maid in the local squire’s manor. What is different (and sets James apart) is not the plot – clever but not really earth-shatteringly-twisty – is her prose. It’s lean and elegant, serving the plot but also creating a much richer visual and emotional world than say, Agatha Christie. While I’m not wildly blown away by this first venture into James, I am intrigued enough to try another…
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