Hit the pub: Nearly every campus has one… the mainstay for happy hour on Fridays it can appear to be a noisy spot for a date. But depending on what kind of date you’re on (a just-getting-to-know-you date, or a more intimate one) the pub can actually be a perfect date spot. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxed date go on a busier night to avoid any awkward silences. An added bonus: chances are you will see someone you know on a busy night, so if you need to split or an escape plan, you will have an easy way out. Looking for a more quiet evening? Check out the pub on a quieter night or time (think a Monday or Tuesday or even early evening). You will get some great cheap food and drinks while getting to know your date

Go to the game!: Football, soccer, basketball, chances are there’s a sport team of some kind at your university. What better way to spend some time on a date than to cheer on the home team. Sure, snuggling up on hard bleachers may not sound like your ideal date spot, but he will be totally into it and you will get to see what he’s like when he really enjoys something. University games are rowdy, loud, exciting and always fun, so it’s a great place to “get to know” each other in a casual environment (bring your college or university gear along and see which one of you has more team spirit). If the home team wins (and all has gone well date-wise), head out with the rest of the crowd for drinks afterwards.

Hit the books: Libraries — full of books, whispers and hushes, they are meant for studying and sometimes two heads studying are better than one. Find a quite corner to settle into and read with each other, compare notes, hold hands, whisper into each other’s ear — but hold off on the nooky! You may just find that you will learn more about each other by whispering and staring into each other’s eyes than about that book in front of you. (Note: if it’s a really important test, make sure you have an hour or two of alone-time for studying!)

Go for a coffee: Every university student knows where to find the best java — and more than likely it’s at the on campus coffee joint. Grab a table with your date along with a coffee, capaccino or a latte and chat away. Try to avoid the morning or afternoon rush to get some peace and quite and grabbing a coffee is the quintessential first date. If you imagine really hard (and your date is really amazing) you could be at a quaint French-inspired cafe, rather than on your very own campus (tres chic). Not quite the real-deal, but as close as you could get to Parisian streets. The coffee shop is also great because it allows for easy casual conversation — ideal for a first date — and if you need to split it’ll be easy to run off to a class.

Grab a bite: With it’s less than glamorous food and less than private seating you might think the cafeteria is off limits for a date. But you can find out a lot about a person by the kind of cereal they choose (Fruit Loops: fun-loving, Multi-Grain Cheerios: the more serious type), so it’s a great place to get inside your date’s mind and see their true colours. Talk about how bad the food is, what food you like, and why cereal is the ultimate food, class… it’s great way to have an easy conversation in a comfortable setting. To make it a bit more romantic try going either before or after the main rush for more privacy and nix the pj bottoms and slippers (opt for slim jeans and a great top).

Meet in the middle: Make some popcorn, curl up on the couch and settle in for some late night TV in your dorm’s common room. The common room can be a great date spot (as long as not too many other people, if any, are in the room with you). If you do get the room to yourselves pop in a movie and have a special screening just for the two of you. It gets you out of your room without having to go outside (perfect if it’s chilly).