Harry And Cressida Make It Official!

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We Day UK - Arrivals

Cressida Bonas walking the red carpet to official girlfriend status. Image courtesy of Getty.

Last night, Prince Harry and
Cressida Bonas went to a concert together. No big deal, you’re thinking – we’ve all known they’re dating, we’ve all cried into our pillows, and we’re all pretty okay with it now. WRONG. This is so a big deal. Allow me to break down this massive step in the royal couple’s relationship.
The concert was for WeDay, a youth event at Wembley Arena in London. Harry was there in an official capacity – giving a speech, looking princely etc – and Cressie was there as his date. This was no quick-dash-out-of-the-club papparazzi shot, people. She walked the red carpet (in Converse and Heidi braids, do with that what you will), and sat beside him. They even HUGGED, which is like the royal equivalent of her wearing his football ring. But mostly this is big because it’s the first time she’s accompanied him on a royal engagement, and we all know what that means: it’s probably time to get on ring watch, y’all.
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