Gwyneth Paltrow tries to prove she is like “the common woman”

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Alleged "close to the common woman" person. (Getty)

Goop-ians, do not let the $10,000 dining room chairs and $500 children’s rain coats deceive you: Although you may be reading this on a Ikea chair with a broken leg and wearing a free plastic poncho in the spring rains yourself, the curator / mother / actress / guru of the beloved lifestyle website wants you to know that she,
Gwyneth Paltrow, is just like YOU. Also, it makes her sad when you call her a guru.
In fact, this placing of Her Goopiness on a (hand-hewn from a rare Sengalese tree trunk, most likely) pedestal has grieved Gwyneth so much that she had to do
an interview to address the subject…with CNN Money, of all people. In this interview, she offered the following proof that she is, in fact, "incredibly close to the common woman". Note: She doesn’t claim to BE the common woman. That’s just ridiculous. So, Gwyneth’s proof: 1) she says she’s a woman (true) 2) she’s a mother (Apple and Moses confirm this) 3) she has a "physical body and a beating heart" (a blow for the hologram theorists). For her most impassioned argument, however, we’ll let Gwyn speak for herself: “We are all seekers, we all want questions, we all want fulfillment, we want to live our best lives. We want to be healthy and happy and squeeze the most that we can out of life. I think that’s all women.” So, all women: Are you a seeker? Do you want questions? Do you want your best life? And more importantly…do you think La Paltrow is one of ALL of us? READ MORE:
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