International Toy Fair NuernbergNot the octocopter. Image courtesy of Getty.

You’d think Amazon would give the whole ‘revolutionise how the world buys stuff’ thing a rest, but no: now they’re coming at us consumers with perhaps the most alarming retail innovation yet: the octocopter. There I was last night, drinking
my green tea and watching 60 Minutes (Charlie Rose = Silver Fox, yes?) when Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos used the venerable news magazine to
unveil the internet giant’s next big thing: cat-size drones that fly from their warehouse direct to your home, delivering almost anything within 30 minutes. Utterly terrifying, no?! I can just imagine the skies over the suburbs swarming with a cloud of these buzzing machines, ferrying copies of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ and discounted Beats by Dre, like a nightmarish electronic version of ‘The Birds". It also made me wonder how the little drones would actually deliver the package to you – would it come flying through an open window, drop it right in your lap? And what is the correct percentage when tipping a machine? According to Bezos, it’s still a long way off – 2015 at the earliest, but still: the idea is kind of game changer. We’re already used to the ‘one-click’ instant delivery of e-books, music and video…so why not all the other bajillion things Amazon sells? At the same time: whatever happened to getting off your couch and going to the store to pick up that coffee-maker you have to have RIGHT NOW?
Would you try delivery via Octocopter?
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