#Flower Monday: Botany Floral Studio

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Flower-mondays-Jenn For this week’s #FlowerMonday, something a little bit different: wearable blooms! This flower crown was created by Botany Floral Designs, located on College St in Toronto. "It’s springtime! Let’s celebrate and wear some flowers in our hair", says Rachelle Soucy, the floral studio’s owner and head designer.
Botany, located in Little Italy, specialises in alternative, unusual floral arrangements. Soucy is a big fan of using old-fashioned or uncommon varieties of flower, and counts peonies, ranunculus, and roses among her favourites. "I really love any blowsy flower that comes to life when unfurled," says Soucy, originally from the Prairies. Her background is actually in studio art, and she’s currently working on completing her Master’s of Environmental Design, which could explain her current fave floral trend: "I am loving the revival of gardening, from cutting gardens to larger scale cultivation and how it is ultimately inspiring design, embracing both a natural aesthetic and unusual combinations of flowers." A little bit of insider floral advice from Soucy? "Display your flowers in a cool spot, away from heat sources or sunny windows. To keep flowers fresh and to prevent bacterial build up, switch out the water daily and re-cut stems," she says.
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