Facebook; www.facebook.com

What is it? A free social networking site that allows anyone with an email address to sign-up and connect with other users from all over the world.
In 2004, Harvard University sophmore Mark Zuckerberg founded “The Facebook,” with support from his friends Andrew McCollum and Eduardo Saverin. By the end of the month, more than half the undergraduate population were registered on the service. Fast forward to today and Facebook has an estimated 20-million users with 30,000,000,000 page-views a month. Because of its rapidly increasing popularity, many Canadian government agencies have banned its use from their offices. Why? Toronto has the largest network of Facebook users across North America (600,000.

How does it work? Sign-up is free as long as you have an email address. Once you have an account, you can start adding in personal details to create your “Profile.” Then the fun begins. Aside from its flirtatious advantages (Once you ask someone to be your “friend,” you can scour their profile, pictures and other saucy details), Facebook has become the 18th most visited website in the world allowing people to reconnect, keep in touch and check out what everyone looks like 15-years after highschool! Register now and maybe you’ll get “poked.” For all non-users out there, trust us, it’s highly entertaining. YOU TUBE; www.youtube.com

What is it? It can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Since its inception in mid-February 2005, You Tube has become one of the most accessed sites in the world. Hilary Clinton campaigning, Michael Richards ranting or Paris Hilton’s post-cry session before going behind bars are all just a few easy clicks away.

How does it work? You Tube is a video sharing website whereby users can upload, view and share video clips. Like most billion dollar website stories, this one started with three friends working for Pay Pal who had a million dollar idea. Now at 20-million users a month as well as being listed as the “Invention of the Year” (2006) from Time magazine, You Tube has become the latest cultural phenomenon that has everyone running around with a video camera. Unregistered users can watch limited videos on the site where registered users have complete access where they can rate and comment on other people’s work. Consider it the modern-day “soap box.” Whether you’re a comedian, musician, politician or video-blogger, fame has never been so easy.CRAIGSLIST, www.craigslist.com

What is it? Think of it as a virtual garage sale. The site acts as an online community which features free classified ads from employment opportunities to house rentals to personals (think furniture, sports equipment, concert tickets etc.). As the name implies, Craigslist was founded by San Fransisco resident, Craig Newmark in 1995. Today it has established itself in over 450 cities across the world and gets over 5-billion hits a month.

How does it work? Free-of-charge, no registration is necessary and unlike EBay, most postings are local. If you’re able to go pick up whatever it is you’re interested in buying, there’s no shipping and handling fee. Try not to get addicted to it, we dare you.