Eva Mendes shares details about her and Ryan Gosling’s baby

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Eva Mendes For New York & Company Spring Launch 2014Esmeralda’s mom. (Image courtesy of Getty)

After quite some time out of the spotlight (more on that in a moment), Eva Mendes is out on the media circuit again, where apparently all anyone wants to ask her about is what it’s like to be a new mom (who happens to be the mother of
Ryan Gosling‘s baby). Here are 3 things we’ve learned about the child genetically destined to be one of earth’s most attractive humans:
Her name is inspired by the Hunchback of Notre Dame: Little Esmeralda has Ryan and Eva’s shared love for the old tale of a man in a belltower who loves a gypsy lass for her unsual moniker. Mendes was also quick to point out that they love the Victor Hugo original, and not the 1997 Disney adaptation. 2.
The baby’s middle name is a tribute to Eva’s grandmother: "Amada" actually means "beloved" in Spanish, fun fact. 3.
She deliberately avoided "bump watch": Mendes says she and boyfriend Gosling did their best to give their child privacy from the beginning. Also, the whole idea of having her body kinda freaked her out (us too, Eva).
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