Taylor Swift is a godmother
Tay-tay’s pal (and a model/actress in her own right) Jaimie King has given birth to her second child, a big brother for her son James. The announcement—made via Instagram—featured a family portrait in which King is breastfeeding her newborn, which shouldn’t be a big deal, but you know how the internet can get. King, you’ll recall, was the lucky recipient of a lavish baby shower by Taylor Swift, who is now officially a godmother. And so the #babyboom2015 continues

Calling all frequent flying fidos
To all our valued furry readers, we have good news for you! JFK is set to open a “pet friendly” terminal in 2016. Nicknamed “The Ark”, this special zone in the airport will specifically cater to the unique needs of animal travellers, boasting a vet clinic, and groomer, and wait for it…”overnight pet resort”. This news is irrelevant, of course, to our feline readership, who we all know only fly private, darling. (Right, Choupette?

Why Blake and Miranda Split
As we reported yesterday, one of country music’s power couples took a trip to Splitsville, and now details are emerging as to why exactly Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert joined Ben and Jen in line at the county court. And…it’s the usual hectic schedules and “growing apart”, with allusions to “trust issues” on Miranda’s part. 

The Kardashian-Jenner clan own A LOT of bathrooms
You can’t blame the wildly-successful Kardashian Jenner clan for living in the best digs their growing millions can provide, and as a real estate insider just dishes, that can buy an awful lot of private spaces in which to shower, contour and…etc. Between them (and this is just their primary residences) Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris and Caitlyn have a grand total of 36 bathrooms. Kylie alone lives in a house with 5.5! Click here for more on the family’s real estate assets…

Geminis, get ready for a talkative few days
Oh hi there, Chatterbox! Our friends of the twin sign are in for a spell where they’ve got something on their mind, and now’s the time to say it.  Not a Gemini? Check out what the day holds for all signs here


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