Wills, Harry and Kate have updated their profile pic; Harry also to visit US this year
The official Twitter account of this royal trio changed today to a cute pic of three laughing as Harry gesticulates wildly. Speaking of the red-head…it was also announced that Harry will be going on official visits to the US and South Africa later this  year. Let’s review his previous (adorable) tour appearances, shall we?

…and as for that Kate wedding mystery:

The Duchess of Cambridge was a no-show at a society wedding this week, and now the internet is in a furor. Here are our favourite conspiracy theories

Khloe and Kendall wore one-piece bathing suits on vacation
In case you’ve been under a rock, the Kardashian clan are on holiday in St Barth’s this week. While Penelope and North dress up as mermaids, their aunties are sharing a seemingly endless parade of swim fashion on Insta. The latest installment is courtesy of Khloe and Kendall, snapped on a yacht in high-cut one pieces that would make Pam Anderson circa Baywatch blush. After all, the second youngest Jenner is the one who brought the thigh high slit back to the red carpet…see here.

You may be able to stay at Versailles soon
You won’t quite be able to sleep in Marie Antoinette’s bed, but plans are in the works for a five star hotel on the grounds of the famous French royal home. The palace is looking for a partner to open a luxe facility, with the plan for it to open in 2016 sometime. Until then, here’s where to stay in a nearby hamlet called Paris. 

Joseph Gordon Levitt is a dad
Hot on the heels of his surprise wedding in December (he is a total trophy groom to his robotics genius wife, BTW), this Inception star unexpectedly announced that he was now the father to a son, born over the weekend. But we won’t be learning his name anytime soon. Here’s why.

Taurus: Try not to pick a fight with your mom, okay?
The stars are warning of possible parental trouble by the end of this week, so keep your cool. What’s in store for the rest of us? Read on…


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