Coffee: A history
Coffee dates back thousands of years, but it was during the 20th century that it saw its greatest evolution.

Five reasons to have a coffee
Is your serving of coffee tainted with a serving of guilt? Here are five good reasons to enjoy your coffee.

The new flavours of third wave coffee

With third wave coffee, we’re discovering new flavours. Here’s a look at the trend and five third wave coffees to try.

Coffee tasting, step by step
Coffee tasting is an art. To enjoy all the flavours, we need to understand the basics of coffee tasting, step by step.

Coffee: A beauty elixir
Coffee is not only good to drink – the beans, as well as the coffee tree’s leaves and berries, are great for our skin. No wonder we find this ingredient just about everywhere in our makeup!

Five signs to recognize a five-star espresso
To recognize a five-star espresso, we have to start by examining what goes into the cup. Here are five signs that speak volumes.

Ordering an espresso? A glossary
Don’t know which espresso to order? This primer will get you up to speed for your next cafe visit.

Seven stylish coffee cups
Porcelain, stainless steel or glass, coffee has never been so well-dressed. Here are seven stylish coffee cups for a chic coffee break.

10 notable espresso machines
We place them prominently on the counter to impress friends, but it’s in the cup that we see the difference. Here are 10 notable espresso machines. A necessity for espresso and cappuccino, a cult object for coffee lovers, the espresso machine — whether manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic — must have at least 15 bars of pressure. Only once this is confirmed, can we can talk about taste and preference.

The best baristas in Canada
They are passionate about coffee and know how to prepare a five-star espresso. Here are the best baristas in Canada.