While it’s not exactly kegstands or Power Hour with a vat of green beer, Kate Middleton was just spotted indulging in a touch of St. Patrick’s day drinking, reminding us that, indeed, royals are just like us. 

As you’ll see in the video below (taken by Simon Perry of People magazine), the DoC (with her recently-misbehaving-Verbier-dad-dancing husband) had a very demure sip from a pint of Guinness this morning in London. Will and Kate (to avoid the bad luck, obvs) were drinking the Irish beer as part of a toast by the Irish Guards in their honour. 

They’re in the baracks of the army unit as part of their annual St Paddy’s parade-watching duties, which also involve handing out shamrocks and of course, Kate wearing a green coat. FYI, this year’ is a new one by Catherine Walker.