For the royal family’s annual gathering to commemorate Remembrance Day, the Duchess of Cambridge dialled back her increasingly experimental style for an elegant but subdued McQueen coat, all the better to let that all-important poppy take front and centre. 

The military-style coat looked to be a bespoke creation, since it combined elements (velvet patchwork from one coat, silhouette and colour from another) of styles seen on the McQueen runway. She also debuted a new hat (provenance unknown) with an uncharacteristcally whimsical butterfly-sort-of-shape perched on top of it. (Is it reading into this too much to thing she was going for some sort of renewal/new life/ hope message? Yes? Okay, we’ll stop).

The best part of this ensemble? It was chic in a way that didn’t compete with the uniforms of the veterans the family was honouring, keeping the focus firmly where it belongs. #lestweforget


Yes, that is a life-size chocolate sculpture of Prince George

Kate just wore the perfect LBD (take notes, people)