They’ve set a date! The next royal wedding will be in May 2017

Dec 09 2016 by
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Technically, this isn’t actually a “royal” wedding, since neither the bride nor the groom are in fact actually royals themselves…although the bride is a royal-in-law, so…

Anyway! Pippa Middleton has set the date for her nuptials to hedge-fund guy James Mathews, so save the date for May 20, 2017 royal-watchers. (PS They couple has actually sent out the save the dates already so if you haven’t gotten yours yet…tough luck old chum). 

The big event is happening in Berkshire, England, and here’s the best part (other than whether Harry will bring Meg as his date): George and Charlotte are in the bridal party! Prince G will be a page boy and the little princess will be a flower girl. Kate’s not a bridesmaid, but she apparently will be doing a reading at some point in the ceremony. 



Categories: Celebrity