In a dilemma that has to fall under the “royal people problems” category, Kate Middleton was tasked with deciding which oh which tiara from the royal family’s collection she would wear to her very first state banquet. Here are some fun facts about the one she just stepped out in:

1) This is only her third time wearing a tiara! (The most-notable other time being that intimate gathering sometimes known as the Royal Wedding). 

2) She chose the “Lotus flower tiara”, which uh, has lotus flowers on them.

3) There’s a chance (given the fact this was a banquet hosted for China) she chose the tiara for the Budhist symbolism of the lotus, which is peace. 

4) It’s kind of a hand-me-down: This tiara was Princess Maragaret’s fave. 

5) This tiara was actually first worn by the Queen Mother (aka the OG Queen Elizabeth), and was made from some jewels she got as a wedding present in 1923, hence the Deco-y look of the diamond-and-pearl headpiece. 

6) This is actually Kate’s second time wearing this particular tiara (she wore it to a reception in 2013). 

7) She appears to have paired the tiara with a red Jenny Packham frock, on which more info soon…


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