Stand a little taller, Canada: Because we the north have played a tiny moment in one of the more controversial moments in Kate Middleton’s storied fashion career. 

On night two of her ball-hopping spree, the DoC chose a floral ballgown by our very own (albeit London-based) Erdem. 

The dress—which for one thing, is sleeveless, a rarity for our Kate—has divided social media greatly, the masses generally seeming a little stunned that the conservative royal went for such a bold print, or unsure about the unusual silhouette. 

If this frock, which Kate wore for a gala at London’s Victoria and Albert musuem, has caught your eye, hurry! It’s currently retailing online for around $6000 loonies. 

In conclusion, last night Kate wore a backless dress, tonight she’s doing bare arms AND a floral. Tomorrow night, who knows? (Hopefully comfy clothes and her couch…seriously, Cinderella had a lighter social schedule).


Kate Middleton’s semi-sheer, semi-scandalous evening gown

George’s wonderful, magical, very good day at the museum