When Kate Middleton showed up for a visit to a children’s hospital this morning, it all seemed business at usual at first. Usual glossy curls, another tasteful maternity coat, some unobtrusive pumps…and then the double take. She wasn’t wearing her ring.


Behold the bare hand.

You know the one: The dinner-plate sized sapphire that belonged to Princess Diana, and has become as ubiquitous a part of Kate’s appearance as a nude stocking.



Now before your brain goes to that freak out place, she was still wearing her wedding ring, so it’s not like engagement ring is about to add a second divorced couple to its track record. She was spotted wearing it just yesterday, so it doesn’t appear to be a swollen-pregnant-hands situation.

The most reasonable explanation lies in the location of the royal drop-by. It’s a hospital, and given that they generally recommend against jewellery for infection prevention, especially if she’s doing the rounds of multiple patients.

The other option is that she’s lost it, which, OMGFREAKINGOUTCANNOTHANDLE.