As the royal watchers among us know, Kate Middleton making speeches is a very, very rare occurence. She’s maybe done a handful, people.

So what got her talking? Well, it’s Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK, and we all know that’s a cause close to Kate’s heart. In a video for the charity Place 2Be, the duchess opened up about why it’s something “she and William” are so proud to support:

“Many of us are incredibly fortunate that the issues we face in childhood are ones we can cope with and learn from. But for some children, learning to cope with life’s challenges can be a struggle. While we cannot always change a child’s circumstances, we can give them the tools to cope, and to thrive. With early support they can learn to manage their emotions and feelings and know when to seek help.”

Along with talking direct-to-camera, the Duchess also filmed some time hanging out with kids who the charity supports, and well, it’s as adorable as you’d expect. 


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