By the time she was 20 years old, Jennifer Lawrence had already worked on seven films and received her first Oscar nomination for the indie hit Winter’s Bone. Two years later, she’d won an Academy Award (for rom-com-drama Silver Linings Playbook), two major franchises (X-Men and The Hunger Games) and, with her endless charm and candid personality, had many (us included) wishing she were their BFF.

Next on her growing list of credits: the face of Joy by Dior, the first new perfume by the luxury fashion house in almost 20 years. For our October issue, the actress talks about her career, her favourite fragrances memories (hint: Britney Spears is involved) and why she’s ready for a change of pace.

To read our entire interview with Lawrence, pick up a copy of our October issue, but for now, here’s what she has to say about how she deals with the relentless scrutiny that comes her way:

“I don’t know if you can get used to it. I try not to place too much importance on what’s written about me by people who don’t know me. There are some wonderful people in my life—I have wonderful friends who really know me. As I get older, I realize that those are the people I don’t want to disappoint.”


For our full interview with Jennifer Lawrence, pick up a copy of the October 2018 issue of ELLE Canada available on newsstands September 10.