Last year you went the “useful but so not thoughtful” route and got everyone Amazon gift cards. (Shame) This year, up your gifting game several levels and sneak a peak at a real life royal’s shopping list. “I try to buy responsibly,” Her Royal Highness Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark told us. “I like to find things that are made by hand in local communities by artisans that need that support.” Ninety percent of the Venezuelan-born royal’s Christmas shopping will be sourced in Greece (it’s her home base after all), and from the local craftspeople she’s so passionate about supporting through her organization TRIA ETC, an online marketplace that connects small makers with a global audience. Here’s what she’s getting everyone on her list this year. Feel free to copy.

For a hostess gift:

“I love buying someone a basket of artisanal food products. Sure, you can bring flowers or chocolates, but why not buy something with a story behind it? Right now, I’m obsessed with Greek honey, and I usually attach a little message saying ‘Here’s something to sweeten up your day’.”

For dinner guests:

“There’s a Greek tradition called gouri, where you give out charms. I often buy 20 or 30 and put them out as favours. I love the ones from Ouriana Vouraki. I always keep one for myself—don’t forget to make a wish when you tie it onto your charm bracelet!”

For your most loyal companion:

“Last year, I got my dog a hand-crafted, dark blue sweater made in Greece. I’m bringing him to Switzerland this year so he might get another one. I also really want to make leashes and dog collars for TRIA, since we have so much great leather work.”

For the mother-in-law:

“This year, I’m getting her a bag I’ve been promising for a while from a Greek brand called Callista. They make beautiful leather bags, and you can personalize them with a name inside.”

For the has everything person:

“I’m giving these handmade wooden sunglasses from a great Greek brand called Zylo. You can get them monogrammed.”

For your friends:

“I’m definitely giving a really cool, cosy turtleneck we have on TRIA designed by Sofia Kokosalaki that’s produced by local women in communities around Greece.”

For the (male) significant other:

“I always get my husband swim trunks from Orlebar Brown. I know it’s weird! But maybe he’ll get the new iPad this year…”


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